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Specialty Chemical Intermediates

Thermoplastic microspheres and water-based polyurethane dispersions offer unique product technologies that add value to customer applications. These "green" technologies provide development solutions that can be optimized for reducing energy and water usage, greenhouse gasses, and overall processing cost.

Dualite polymeric microspheres provide a unique value proposition via lowering material costs, weight reduction, density reduction and sound dampening focusing a spotlight on "lightweighting," resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Water-based polyurethane dispersions are a rapidly growing segment of the specialty chemicals industry. Polyurethane polymers have traditionally exhibited high toughness, versatility and wide range of superior properties, such as abrasion resistance, impact strength and low temperature flexibility, which are the driving forces to their continuously expanding usage in many applications. Waterborne dispersion technology allows ease of formulation, application and cleanup as well as environmental advantages such as the elimination of monomers, odor and reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOC).